KA MAGAZINE Vol. 7 - The Art Issue


Introducing the Art Issue. 

KA MAGAZINE Vol. 7: For our seventh edition of KA Magazine, we have explored the reason and need for art, what it means and how this valuable form of expression and beauty inspires us on a daily basis to keep creating and keep evolving as human beings. We have also dedicated much of the issue to presenting how the ethics in the world of fashion is the future and how we must as a collective be aware of how we live, our choices and how they effect the planet. This issue, alike every volume of KA, is filled with inspirational visuals, a dream book of sorts, in which we are able to dive in, get lost or also be found.


DETAILS 198 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on coated and uncoated paper. Printed in Canada.

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Date of publication: January, 2016.


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